Powerful and compact

Komatsu mini excavators from Kuhn

When space is limited and larger excavators can’t be used, Komatsu mini excavators are the perfect solution for your construction project.

With their compact size, these innovative machines can be used for a variety of tasks, including in narrow and hard-to-reach areas.

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Facts about Komatsu mini excavators

Komatsu mini excavators are the perfect companion for construction sites with limited space, thanks to their compact size and powerful engine performance. They are reliable and efficient partners on the job site, offering excellent manoeuvrability and exceptional performance in tight spaces.

Komatsu mini excavators are user-friendly and provide high operator comfort, ensuring reliable performance for the job at hand. All functions are easy to operate, which also makes them ideal for beginners.

Komatsu mini excavators are easy to maintain, resulting in significant savings in operational costs. The use of KOMTRAX as standard equipment further enhances cost efficiency. Due to these factors, the mini excavators retain their value for a long time, and you can achieve maximum resale value.

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