Power and comfort

MultiOne 8.4S K and 8.5S K at Kuhn

The mini loaders of the MultiOne Series 8 – the powerhouse 8.5S K and the impressive 8.4S K – are robust models for a wide range of particularly demanding jobs.

With high torque and considerable speed, the Series 8 of high-quality multi-loaders has enormous power, while also offering a great deal of comfort.

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Unique features of the MultiOne 8.5S K and 8.4S K mini loaders

As true all-rounders, the Series 8 of MultiOne mini loaders is characterised by a wide variety of advanced features. Here’s a selection:

  • modern frame design with maximum stability due to a low centre of gravity
  • heavy-duty, hot-forged articulation joint
  • integrated counterweights
  • extra powerful engine and direct-drive wheel motors
  • luxurious cab – spacious, comfortable and easily accessible

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