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MultiOne Series 11 at Kuhn

We present the strongest multifunctional loaders in the world: Due to their extraordinary power, the MultiOne 11.6 K and the 11.9 K are particularly versatile in their use.

Impressive lifting capacity and enormous lifting height make these solid mini loaders the best in their class. The innovative construction machine also sets new standards in terms of pushing force and operator comfort.

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Technical facts about the MultiOne 11 Series

The MultiOne 11.6 K and 11.9 K are in a class of their own among mini loaders. Here are the features of the world’s most powerful multifunctional mini loaders at a glance:

  • 2 speed ranges (electro-hydraulic speed regulation)
  • 4 WD hydrostatic direct drive motors and proportional servo steering
  • additional hydraulic pump for higher flow volume of hydraulic oil
  • ACI connection for electrically controlled attachments (without additional wiring)
  • torque divider and dynamic block system for working on uneven, slippery ground
  • self-levelling double-H telescopic boom
  • electronic throttle control
  • ergonomic heated seat with armrests and safety belt – for maximum comfort
  • hydraulic oil cooler
  • hydraulic multi-connector for easy use of attachments
  • 22-function joystick for easy control of the boom and attachments
  • integrated counterweights for increased lifting capacity
  • LCD display with pre-programmed service indicators
  • multi-disc parking brake
  • high-performance, high-torque radial piston wheel motors
  • FOPS and ROPS level 1, tested and certified
  • unbreakable body panels
  • 2 front working lights for better visibility
  • a wide range of attachments and possible adaptations

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