Innovative & environmentally friendly

MultiOne Emission Zero at Kuhn

Environmental awareness and sustainability also have their place in construction. The innovative MultiOne Emission Zero Series mini loaders are as powerful as their diesel-powered colleagues of Series 8 – but fully electric.

No emissions, no exhaust fumes – the electric mini loaders are ideal for indoor use. Because the highly manoeuvrable electric construction machines are the ideal choice where ventilation is restricted or where noise regulations apply.

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Features of the MultiOne Emission Zero mini loaders

The electric MultiOne models EZ 5, EZ 7 and EZ 8 impress with:

  • capacities of 10.8 kWh, 16.5 kWh or 21.5 kWh
  • long operating times
  • emission-free operation
  • low noise level
  • smart charger
  • 2 electric motors

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