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Teeth and adapters at Kuhn

Get the maximum performance out of your Komatsu construction equipment using a wide range of teeth and adapters. The selection of compatible models ensures optimum digging performance, no matter your requirements.

Very easy to replace and incredibly durable: Kuhn teeth and adapters optimise long-term construction productivity. Thanks to their improved size-to-strength ratio, you will achieve lower fuel consumption and higher economic efficiency. At Kuhn, you can find a variety of high-quality tooth systems.

Teeth in the e-parts store

    Safety, productivity and reliability: The Kprime series – Komatsu’s latest tooth system – has been designed according to customer requirements and is particularly durable and safe.

    The KMAX tooth system with its sharp-edged teeth is a very efficient solution for digging with your construction machine. Thanks to the innovative locking mechanism, a secure fit of the teeth is guaranteed. The result: maximum durability.

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    Built using precision cast metal moulding, the teeth of the QMAX tooth system are designed to be self-sharpening and enable digging in hard, particularly rocky material. The environmentally friendly teeth can be replaced easily and without special tools. So your construction machine is always ready for use!

    Just turn them around: Double the life of your construction machine’s teeth with the KVX range! The unique and efficient tooth system allows you to turn the teeth around. Securely bolted into the main cutting edge, the high-quality teeth withstand even the toughest operating conditions.

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