The perfect unit of truck and crane

Kuhn’s complete system solutions for cranes

Kuhn excels in executing major crane and specialised superstructure projects, backed by a track record of over 30,000 successfully implemented crane superstructure solutions. The focal point for these achievements is Kuhn’s headquarters in Vöcklabruck, Upper Austria. This location houses a state-of-the-art superstructure competence centre and serves as the distribution hub for all new machines in the crane and forklift segment.

Through four project phases, 16 stages, and more than 500 work steps, Kuhn develops bespoke system solutions for cranes that meet diverse customer requirements. To accomplish this, over 200 team members work in the cranes & handling systems segment in Austria.

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    From the idea to the final superstructure project

    During the four project phases of needs analysis, project planning, project implementation and after-sales service, solutions are meticulously developed based on 16 factors and process stages.

    Kuhn’s Top Info Pool provides a wealth of information materials that enable precise and well-informed investment decisions.

    Kuhn’s superstructure specialists are experts in determining the optimal solution for your specific purposes. Collaboratively, they will analyse the requirements for both the vehicle and the crane superstructure.

    The extensive experience accumulated over three decades is harnessed to your advantage.

    Kuhn’s PAC calculation system streamlines various essential steps, including stability and axle load calculations, subframe torsion and bending analysis, the definition of payload and driving characteristics, as well as the review of regulations.

    Based on the preceding calculations and subsequent discussions, a specification sheet is generated. This document encompasses the final project requirements, consolidating the agreed-upon details.

    Once the material requirements have been established, a thorough finite calculation is conducted. The detailed outcome of this calculation is then forwarded to the assembly department.

    Impeccable communication, both within the organisation and with the truck and superstructure suppliers, ensures strict adherence to all project agreements.

    After delivery, all calculated characteristics and functions of the truck are thoroughly examined, ensuring their compliance with the results obtained from Kuhn’s planning and calculation systems.

    The production process is guided by the specifications, which outline the requirements in detail. These specifications, along with the assembly guidelines provided by all involved parties, including the crane, hook loader and truck manufacturers, as well as compliance with relevant EN standards, are strictly followed throughout the production phase.

    Kuhn employs computer-controlled laser machines for precise cutting and welding, conducted in accordance with the EN 287-1.2 standard. This meticulous approach to manufacturing guarantees exceptional quality and durability for crane superstructures.

    During the painting process, all components undergo thorough cleaning, sandblasting, and double priming. Custom colour shades are created at our in-house mixing plant, tailored to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

    In the final stage, meticulous fine-tuning is conducted, and comprehensive testing is performed to ensure the functionality of all crane components. The TÜV conducts thorough assessments of our truck-mounted crane units, verifying compliance with technical and legal regulations, as well as adherence to applicable EU standards.

    During the final handover, you will receive comprehensive instructions on the safe and efficient operation of the truck and crane unit, as well as guidance on how to prevent potential damage.

    On request, Kuhn’s experts will keep you informed about upcoming inspections and service appointments. This proactive approach ensures the long-term operational efficiency of your system solution.

    Speaking of which: Have you heard about the “2 in 1” service package for cranes?

    Even if the need for spare parts arises during repair work or a service check, the cranes will experience minimal downtime. Kuhn’s service branches maintain permanent stocks of genuine parts, ensuring that swift and efficient action can be taken to resolve the issue.

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    Kuhn has a strong service presence, both in Austria and beyond, offering comprehensive support for all service needs:

    • 9 service branches in Austria and 4 companies with 8 branches in 4 other European countries
    • close to 400 highly trained employees throughout Europe
    • mobile service fleet for operations of special importance, with mobile workshop and on-call service
    • Europe-wide online availability of spare parts for PALIFT hook loaders as well as PALFINGER and PALFINGER EPSILON cranes

    Tip: The information folder on crane superstructures shows a clear overview of all 16 stages.

    PALFINGER cranes available at Kuhn