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Efficient equipment for the agriculture and forestry industry at Kuhn

Pallets with stone slabs weighing several tons and bulky logs share a common need for mechanical assistance during transportation. In such situations, specialised cranes and forklifts come in to ensure efficient load handling.

Kuhn offers a diverse range of models catering to various requirements in agriculture and forestry. This comprehensive selection includes cranes and truck-mounted forklifts by PALFINGER, a renowned manufacturer and longstanding Kuhn partner, as well as forklifts by Mitsubishi.

Expert tip: Farmers and businesses operating in the agricultural or forestry sectors can also take advantage of Kuhn’s forklift rental option. Requiring minimal financial investment, it allows them to quickly respond to short-term needs.

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    Excellent selection at Kuhn

    Cranes & handling systems for agriculture and forestry

    Equipment from renowned manufacturers at Kuhn

    Cranes and forklifts for the agricultural and forestry sector

    High lifting capacity, optimum lifting height and powerful performance are the distinguishing features of Kuhn equipment for agricultural and forestry use. The following examples show how these cranes and forklifts make everyday work easier in this sector: