Flexible, versatile and durable

Truck-mounted forklifts by PALFINGER at Kuhn

PALFINGER’s high-quality truck-mounted forklifts serve as a reliable and particularly versatile solution in the transport sector.

Getting the forklift to the intended location is remarkably easy as well. These forklifts can be conveniently transported either by mounting them on the rear of a carrier vehicle or placing them in a protective box between the truck axles. Upon arrival, unloading at the site can be effortlessly accomplished without requiring any additional support. During operation, the truck-mounted forklift impresses with its user-friendliness and exceptional manoeuvrability.

    Advantages of the truck-mounted forklift by PALFINGER

    PALFINGER ensures an ergonomic working height throughout the entire operation of their forklifts. The centrally positioned seat offers an unobstructed view in all directions. For outdoor use, the weather cover provides reliable protection against sun, wind, rain, and snow.

    The truck-mounted forklifts stand out with their exceptional steering angle of 180 degrees. This remarkable feature guarantees top-notch manoeuvrability, enabling highly effective work even in tight spaces.

    The truck-mounted forklift has already established itself as a highly efficient helper in numerous industries, ranging from beverage logistics to agriculture and the events sector. Depending on the specific task at hand, different versions of the truck-mounted forklift are used.

    Certain selected models of the truck-mounted forklift feature radio remote control. The corresponding remote control comes with a range of functions, allowing for tasks such as raising and lowering loads, erecting and folding the mast, and more. It also provides the operator with optimum visibility during every operation, ensuring enhanced safety and efficiency.

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