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Top products for the transport and logistics sector at Kuhn

In the transport and logistics sector, there is a growing demand for powerful yet manoeuvrable cranes and forklifts, be it for heavy haulage, the transportation of room cells, or even in the retail and beverage sector.

Kuhn offers a wide range of cranes and handling solutions from reputable manufacturers like PALFINGER and Mitsubishi. These dependable solutions provide excellent support for event setup, goods distribution in supermarkets and container transport.

Top tip from our Kuhn experts: If you only need a forklift for a certain period of time, we recommend taking advantage of Kuhn’s rental option. One significant advantage of this option is that it requires little financial investment compared to purchasing a new forklift.

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    Loading technology for the transport and logistics sectors

    Solutions for the transport and logistics sector

    Powerful cranes and forklifts from Kuhn

    Load handling equipment is used wherever exceptional lifting capacity, lifting height and reach are required. The following examples demonstrate how cranes and forklifts can be used in the transport and logistics sector:

    • PALFINGER loader cranes are equipped with knuckle booms, making them ideal for lifting heavy loads and for precise assembly work.
    • The powerful Mitsubishi forklifts, optionally with diesel, gas or electric drive, enable the fast transport of goods in distribution centres.
    • The powerful PALFINGER trio consisting of a loader crane, truck-mounted forklift and hook loader is ideal for setting up at events. 
    • Towing service providers appreciate the long reach and high lifting capacity offered by PALFINGER’s T-cranes. 

    All-round solution: Are you looking for a truck with a crane superstructure? At Kuhn, you can choose between pre-configured consignment vehicles and complete solutions with crane superstructures that are designed by our superstructure specialists according to customer requirements.