Timber & scrap handling made easy

PALFINGER timber cranes and recycling cranes at Kuhn

Kuhn offers high-quality EPSILON cranes by the renowned manufacturer PALFINGER for the forestry, construction and recycling industries. Whether you need cranes for transportation, timber handling, waste management or container emptying, our PALFINGER timber and recycling cranes are designed to streamline your work processes.

    EPSILON cranes designed for handling short wood offer the flexibility of either a top seat or cabin configuration. Whether you opt for the L or Z design, EPSILON cranes consistently prove to be the optimal choice.


    Further product information

    EPSILON cranes excel in the handling of long wood, boasting impressive lifting power while maintaining minimal weight. The addition of accessories such as the fixed heel further enhances the suitability of EPSILON cranes for efficient long wood handling.

    EPSILON cranes on chippers increase the productivity of the chipper, thanks to EPSCOPE and EPSLINK protecting all hoses via internal routing up to the grab. This enables the operator to focus entirely on the chipping process, ensuring maximum efficiency.

    Radio remote control, a rear top seat or a side-mounted top seat: EPSILON offers the right solutions straight from the factory. Protected internal hose routing via EPSCOPE and EPSLINK prevents damage to the hoses, even when the boom is placed directly on the scrap.

    EPSILON cranes designed for emptying recycling containers stand out due to their extensive range of features – including radio remote control and a top seat – which make the crane a true specialist for container handling.

    Their robust design and impressive speed make EPSILON cranes excel in demanding clamshell bucket applications. Z-cranes can be conveniently folded with the grab in place, creating a seamless combination with high-level solutions and radio remote control for an optimal and efficient setup.

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