Individually configurable

Electric tow tractors and electric burden carriers by Mitsubishi and Spijkstaal at Kuhn

The defining characteristic of Spijkstaal’s electric tow tractors and burden carriers lies in their modular design concept – an innovative approach allowing for the realisation of customer-specific solutions. The vehicles not only boast maximum performance and optimal ergonomics but also low operating costs and minimal downtime.

Their versatility and efficiency make them a reliable choice across a wide range of industries, including passenger and goods transport, the automotive industry, airports and railway stations, flower markets and hospitals, the military, logistics, and agriculture.

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Features of the electric tow tractors and electric burden carriers

What makes Spijkstaal’s equipment stand out from its competitors? Here are some of their impressive features:

  • powerful AC motors with an optimal cost-benefit ratio
  • independent suspension of all wheels
  • hydraulic disc brakes
  • low centre of gravity due to the optimal positioning of the battery between the front and rear axle
  • maximum stability during turning and braking operations
  • easy access to the battery and components
  • quick battery change possible (both from the side or vertically)
  • reinforced steel bumpers that are bolted to the vehicle frame
  • variety of options to meet different operational requirements
  • comfortable access thanks to a low step height

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