Speed and flexibility to take on coming challenges

Skiploaders are generally used in urban environments to transport rubble or waste. Their design must therefore be adapted to this environment, where speed and flexibility are essential to access small spaces and avoid traffic disruption. Palfinger's skiploader offers a wide space between the asymmetric telescopic arms to facilitate handling of loads. Even with the most badly positioned containers, operators can work with speed and precision thanks to the smooth and intuitive controller.

The ST 14 is ideally suited to chassis from 18 to 21 t GVW. It can handle skips of up to 14 t for loading, unloading and tipping.

The technology level of the equipment is adapted to needs and application: the SLD series meets the basic requirements of a skiploader, with simple configuration options to get to the essentials. The TEC series offers the latest innovations in safety, comfort and performance, with more options and configuration options.

The ideal weight / capacity ratio to maximize the efficiency of the chassis is always at the heart of the design, as well as operator's comfort and body-builders optimum mounting time. The Palfinger range of skiploaders are ready for the emerging challenges. The ST TEC range is fully adapted to electric truck constraints and the lastest safety requirements.

ADVANTAGES of the skiploader

  • Features corresponding to emerging trends: energy optimisation, digital service with telematic, truck electrification with silent mode
  • Covers latest market requirements: easy right and left access, head board high user-friendly design, friction-free load tarping system, 
  • TEC/SLD lines for easy configuration
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