PK 19500T-EH High Performance
The T models have been developed specifically for the varied requirements of breakdown and recovery services. They are impressive by virtue of detailed solutions such as the laterally arranged extension cylinders which guarantee a low overall height of the vehicle when the main boom is extended. A second control panel enables a perfect view of the platform. The radio remote control and electronic HPLS fitted as standard on the PK 15500T EH/PK 19500T EH also make day-to-day assignments easier.

Technical data

Max. lifting moment 17,4 mt
Max. lifting capacity 7300 kg
Max. hydraulic outreach 10,0 m
Slewing angle 420°
Slewing torque with 1 gear 2,5 mt
Max. operating pressure 350 bar
Pump capacity 50 - 70 l/m
Weight 1576 t

Technical data

Lifting moment Outreach Slewing angle Slewing torque Pressure Pump capacity Crane weight Crane height Crane width Installation width Max stroke length Max. lifting capacity Load vertical
B 17.2 mt 8.0 m 420 ° 2.5 mt 35.0 Mpa 50-70 l/min 1576 kg 2280 mm 2530 mm 770 mm 7965 mm 7300 kg 2150 kg
C 16.2 mt 10.0 m 420 ° 2.5 mt 35.0 Mpa 50-70 l/min 1696 kg 2280 mm 2530 mm 800 mm 10015 mm 7300 kg 1620 kg
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PK 19500T-EH High Performance



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