Fairness, respect & reliability

Kuhn’s values

Kuhn is dedicated to promoting a free and social market economy. We believe in fostering fair and partnership-based interactions, whether it is within our workforce or with our partners. Communication plays a vital role, and we always strive to maintain a respectful approach that is characterised by reliability and trustworthiness.

    Specialisation instead of generalisation

    Corporate competencies

    Focused – every working day

    Kuhn’s principles

    Loyalty and appreciation of our employees

    Partnership with customers and suppliers

    Dynamic, constructive and solution-oriented

    Quality across all levels

    Sustainable and ecological behaviour at all levels

    Financially strong and independent

    Sustainable maintenance and expansion of financial performance

    We are a family-run company.

    Successful together

    Work culture at Kuhn

    • Respectful interaction with each other
    • Taking responsibility
    • Transparent, honest and direct communication
    • Critical but constructive
    • Performance-oriented pay
    • Mutual loyalty

    To foster a culture of partnership and collaboration, Kuhn has developed a compliance guideline that serves as an ethical and legal framework. This guideline sets the standards for fair, open, and integrity-driven conduct within the company and in our relationships with business partners, suppliers, and competitors.

    This code of conduct aligns with the company’s philosophy – further strengthening the foundation for continued competitiveness.

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