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Sustainability & social responsibility at Kuhn

Enhance energy efficiency, conserve resources and address climate concerns: Environmental responsibility has many facets. However, we believe that building a sustainable future goes beyond ecological considerations. The Kuhn Group is aware of its social and societal responsibilities and actively supports various institutions, organisations and initiatives.

    Setting an example for sustainability

    Responsibility for the environment

    At Kuhn, we prioritise the conscious use of natural resources and advocate for environmentally friendly work processes. But what does this commitment entail? Here are some concrete measures we employ to enhance energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint:

    1. Implementation of energy-efficient heating systems, such as pellet heating and heat pumps, to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment.
    2. Installation of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our buildings, enabling us to generate our own electricity. We continually expand this initiative to maximise our contribution to climate protection.
    3. Transitioning the majority of our lighting to LED, which not only reduces energy consumption but also fosters a more comfortable working environment.
    4. Integration of electric vehicles into our fleet and expansion of our charging infrastructure to promote low-emission mobility.
    Helping others help others

    Social responsibility

    At Kuhn, we firmly believe in the interconnectedness of sustainability and social responsibility. For us, practising sustainability as a company entails giving back to society. That’s why we extend our support to various charitable organisations, including:

    Preserving cultural diversity

    Support for cultural institutions

    Salzburg is a future-oriented cultural city of international renown. We want to contribute to upholding and nurturing its rich cultural diversity. That’s why we support the following cultural organisations, among others:

    From the region for the region

    Promoting youth sports

    “Thinking about tomorrow today” is a motto that extends beyond energy-efficient processes and environmentally friendly practices. The healthy and athletic development of children and youths is important to us. That’s why Kuhn proudly supports local sports clubs to ensure that members of all generations have access to opportunities for exercise and team sports.

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